Plaxo: It’s A Business Tool For More Than Address Books

Every now and then I get an email from a Plaxo user asking me to update my contact information, which I do if it’s from someone I know. I’ve always thought of Plaxo, the free address book (and more) organizer service, as a tool for people who want to keep their family and friend contacts better organized.
However, not only does Plaxo help ensure address books are up to date but Plaxo serves as a great client “tickler.”
When a contact fills out their information, they also have the option include their birthday. A small business owner using Plaxo can then choose to receive an email alert when any of their contacts has an upcoming birthday; thus providing a thoughtful and regular way to stay in touch with customers, partners and the like.
A big part of keeping customers is customer service – not price. Services like Plaxo let you use technology as a tool to not only keep in touch with customers but personally communicate with them on dates that are important to them and you.
For those who have ACT!, GoldMine and other great tools, Plaxo will compliment them.
Plaxo’s premium services include:
Enabling your cell phone to retrieve Plaxo data
Eliminating duplicate entries
Customer support
Features of Plaxo included free with the service include:
Save time by keeping your address book up-to-date automatically
Had enough of returned holiday cards? Tired of typing in new contact information? Plaxo takes the hassle out of updating your address book.
Synchronize your home and work computers
Keep your information synchronized between your home and work computers. You’ll never have to worry about keeping multiple address books or calendars up-to-date.
Access your information anywhere using Plaxo Online
Need a phone number or appointment information, but can’t get to your computer? Sign in to Plaxo Online and access it instantly, from anywhere.
Back up and recover your vital information
Never lose your data again! Plaxo 2.0 creates an online backup of your information. Download and recover your information securely to another computer with just a click of a button.
Plugs seamlessly in to Outlook or Outlook Express
Synchronize your existing contacts, calendar, tasks, and notes in Outlook or Outlook Express. Not an Outlook or Outlook Express user? You can quickly import your data into Plaxo Online from many personal data managers.