– Building Web Sites With Your Telephone

Until last week, I would not have believed that there were still people, smart business owners, who didn’t want to touch technology, much less build a web site.
A friend of mine, an owner of a business, wanted a web site built – but he didn’t want to build it using any easy to use (for me and thousands of others) online web building tools.
To make things worse, his budget was only $500 – so no web designer (that I know of) would build a web site for that money – they want $1000 or much more to start off with.

I have been hearing’s web building advertisements playing in the NY radio market:
Two guys who go to pitch a client, the client asks for their web site – and they have to tell the client they don’t have one. Embarrassing and they lose the sale as I recall.
Not only can you build a web site yourself via (and many other competing services) but you can CALL and they’ll build your web site for you over the phone!
I would not recommend this method. But if you DO NOT have a web site and at least want one with a few pages about your business – this is a low cost and relatively tech free option. Now if you don’t like making phone calls…I’m not sure who to send you to.