RFID: It’s A Must For Many SMBs – Consultants Offer Solutions

Thanks to larger retailers, like Wal-Mart, demanding that their suppliers (many smaller businesses) implement Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) solutions, SMBs need to implement RFID solutions but need help. Larger retailers are a driving force but other SMBs want to try RFID not out of force but out of choice.
Either way, Information Week reports that consultants are getting the cry for help from SMBs.
Information Week writes Integration among RFID systems, warehouse-management systems, and ERP apps is perhaps the most difficult aspect of RFID implementations, though such integration can yield greater supply-chain visibility and other benefits. Systems integrators are well prepared to help. This will determine the winners and the losers, Gartner analyst Jeff Woods says. “Software integration is more complex than a slap-and-ship approach, and this is where companies can benefit from a systems integrator,” he says. “Companies can integrate invoice processes with ERP systems and create new procedures around in-store merchandising management.”