Search: Built Into Your Operating System

Search is a very important tool, but often does not work as well as it should. Google (preceded by Yahoo and followed by MSN and so many others) of course, made famous online search via the Internet and this mushroomed to include desktop search by many of the online search vendors.
However another huge search opportunity is your desktop. Both Apple and Microsoft’s new operating systems (Tiger and Longhorn – code names – respectively) will include advanced search features.
The NY Times writes In the next version of Windows, still in its early stages of development, and in the soon-to-be released new version of Mac OS X, users won’t have to know where a file is stored. Instead, both operating systems will have a search window in which people need only start typing what they remember–who created the file, what it’s called, or even words within the document itself. Results begin appearing instantly, and the early matches are ruled out as a user continues entering information.