Selling “Alternative” Brands

INTEL, Symantec, HP & Dell, Veritas, Cisco and others are market leaders of their respective categories. However, there’s several reasons why consultants are recommending “alternative” brands to their customers.
AMD, Trend Micro, Gateway, NSI and Juniper often offer similar solutions at lower prices and will FIGHT for business much harder than the “brand” leaders will.
Var Business writes Selling the alternative. In today’s cautious market, it’s not always the easiest thing to do. Let’s face it, in IT, as in life, there will always be safe bets, brands that customers instantly recognize and gravitate toward. No one ever got fired for buying IBM, or for that matter HP’s ubiquitous printers, Cisco’s switches or Microsoft’s monopolistic Office suite. And for good reason: These and other market leaders have achieved their leadership positions by making the most of first-mover advantage, defining new standards, outmarketing rivals and/or simply figuring out how to scale a value proposition across an entire channel for thousands of partners.
and also writes
And, yet, selling the alternatives is exactly what many solution providers are opting to do these days. For a variety of reasons, from financial to cultural, VARs are promoting second- and third-tier vendors whose IT wares aren’t exactly household names, but whose value propositions run high. No one is scrapping their IBM or Microsoft businesses, but you’re very likely to see solution providers touting (and, in many cases, leading with) products from companies such as Best Software, ClearCube, Corel, FrontRange, Gateway, JBoss, Juniper, Lawson, MySQL, NSI, RadWare, Ricoh and Trend Micro, to name just a few.