Simple Backup Has Its Place

Smallbusinesscomputing reviewed the backup services of SpareBackup a service which does a backup with no user intervention.
For VERY, VERY computer illiterate users, I guess a service with no intervention is pretty good. However, to ENSURE that you are getting backed up, everything that needs to be backed it’s probably best to dig into the options and select what files to back up.
The article lists the following features:
Service Features
* An automatic program installation that requires absolutely no user interaction to configure backups
* Complete backups for all for all registry settings in every directory
* No complicated file selection ? Spare scans your computer and backs up:
* All contacts, e-mail messages and attachments, address book, folders and contents, signature files from Outlook and Outlook Express
* Word, Excel, PowerPoint files, templates and settings from MS Office
My Documents, My Music, My Pictures, Quicken, QuickBooks, MS Money, Turbo Tax and Tax Cut
* All desktop files
* Simple, fast data recovery
* Reports sent automatically to users via e-mail and available in Spare
* Redundant file support ? select a restore from the last 10 backups
* Online file retrieval from any Internet connection ? using Spare Key
* Three levels of encryption ? SSL with Verisign authenticity certificates, Blowfish with private key, AES 256 block cipher with unique user key
* Decryption protected by Spare Key in your computer and with broker so complete loss of computer is not a problem