Spy On Your Network and Protect Data

Ziff Davis Internet announced today the release of a new premium utility, PortSnoop. The new, downloadable application, available exclusively in the PCMag.com Utility Library (http://www.pcmag.com/utilities), helps computer users identify and stop suspicious network activity. PortSnoop, which is available at http://go.pcmag.com/portsnoop, is the latest in a series of paid applications that Ziff Davis Internet makes available to consumers every month. Ziff Davis Internet is the online division of Ziff Davis Media.
PortSnoop is a network monitoring utility that displays all current applications accessing a user’s computer network using the Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) or User Datagram Protocol (UDP). The application enables the computer user to obtain more information about the processes accessing the Internet and the network ports those programs are using. In addition it can interface with the firewall included with Microsoft’s Windows XP service pack 2 to open up ports required by malfunctioning applications. Specifically, PortSnoop can help computer users accomplish the following:
— Track and monitor applications with network connections
— Alerted when unauthorized applications use network connections
— Terminate network connections and applications
— Examine detailed information for each running application including its
threat level
— View total bytes sent and received through the systems network
— See current network bandwidth usage for all connections
“PortSnoop gives everyday users a powerful tool for controlling their system’s network access and alerting them to suspicious activity (including activity generated by harmful viruses and spyware),” said Lance Ulanoff, Executive Editor, PCMag.com
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