Study: Linux and Microsoft Are Equal

A recent Yankee Group study reports that there is very little difference between the cost of maintaining a Windows versus a Linux-based corporate computing environment… The main cost difference, said Yankee Group analyst Laura DiDio, is determined by the amount of time it takes to develop applications or ensure the security of servers, the networked computers that store data, crunch numbers and serve up Web pages.
So if dollar for dollar Windows and Linux are equal as far as maintenance then the main cost remains the cost of the license. FREE for Linux and FEE for Windows.

To read Microsoft’s views on Linux go here and here.
My view – small-medium sized businesses should stick with Microsoft Windows for their desktops to ensure overall compatibility with other businesses and ease of use with what most employees are familiar with. For email and file sharing servers – it really doesn’t matter which operating system you use as long as it works and is supported.