The Trepid Google-ization of

Today I switched fully over to Google’s email server Gmail. I have had an account for several weeks, but never used it.
Today one of the ministers in my church said he tried to send a 15mb file to my Earthlink account, which has a limit of 10MB. I could buy more, but why when there’s Gmail?
Gmail (free) powers my email (with 2GB+ – laughably amazing) and Blogger also by Google powers my news posts.
What’s the down side, with these free services?
I wonder a) how long the services will be around b) how stable they are / will be c) what kind of support will be offered.
I recently reviewed Typepad and Blogger for Cnet and noted that with Typepad’s paid service their support is WONDERFUL. is free but the support is simply terrible.
Well my fate is with Google. If they go down, won’t go down but I’ll have to quickly switch to another blog and email platform.
I have installed Six Apart’s Movable Type and could get a programmer to get that working properly for me, but for now, I’d really prefer to stick with