Verizon: Launching New ‘Net Based Service

What a party it is in the telecommunications market with so many vendors competing to offer low cost and feature rich telecommunication services!
While Vonage and other newer carriers have garnered a lot of the “hype” and “buzz” appeal, traditional telecom carriers like Verizon (aka Microsoft and Netscape) have little to fear if they continue to innovate and produce products. Large telecom carriers can afford to let upstart companies spend millions education the customer about new technology, during this education they will get new customers. However, the lion’s share will go to traditional telecom carriers with stable brand names.
Verizon, at the SBA 2005 Expo in Washington this week will offer live demonstrations of its iobi Professional product and business-grade DSL service.
Verizon’s press release reads “In addition to a robust portfolio of traditional telephony services, Verizon delivers the latest technology in broadband and Internet products and services to the small-business segment,” said Eric Reed, director for market issues and policy for Verizon. “Verizon iobi Professional and Business DSL are just the latest in a series of advanced broadband services that are readily available and affordable to small and medium outfits.”
For business customers seeking the convenience and productivity advantages of voice-over-Internet-protocol (VoIP) technology, iobi Professional leverages the best of the Internet and the telephone network. It offers small businesses unprecedented control over all of their communications services, both for individuals and entire work groups, while using regular phone lines – thus avoiding the need for costly upgrades. Iobi Professional combines unique VoIP-like call-management features, voice mail, e-mail and other critical communications services on a common platform accessible via PCs, the Web or a voice portal.
Iobi Professional is perfect for small-business owners who are mobile, may have more than one office location and need to stay in constant touch with their main office. Iobi Professional also allows business owners to maintain control of their communications so that they can be reached via the appropriate telecommunications device, based on their activities.
At a cost of under $12 per month per line for the service, even the smallest companies can reap the benefits of advanced telecommunications without an investment in new hardware. Iobi Professional is scheduled to be launched in the Washington Metro area later this year.

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