Virgin Mobile – Embracing Technology For Cusomer Service

Yesterday I activated one of three pre-paid phones that I purchased for a
project. I have never used one of these phones before and was a little
leery if it would work as advertised. This story is not about the
phones, which I’ll tell you about, but more so about the great service
of Virgin Mobile.

I sliced open the box with a box cutter, went online and setup my
account (10 minutes or so). I then popped a battery into the phone and
followed the instructions.
The instructions told me to input my phone’s identification number, but
only after calling tech support was I informed that FIRST I had to enter
my phone’s telephone number THEN input the phone’s ID number. Mistakes
happen and manuals are not perfect but I hope Virgin corrects this.
When I called support, I was greeted by such a pleasant and AUTOMATED
operator. Based on my keypad selection I was directed to a live operator
(also quite pleasant) in a few short minutes.
The end result is that the phone worked just fine and all is well.
Guess what? If Virgin provides such a great experience on their cell
phone service – I wonder how great their other services are like such as their airline?
Interestingly enough, about the only thing Virgin is supplying in their
“phone service” is the Virgin brand. The phone network is operated by
Sprint or some other carrier. I’d bet the support is outsourced to someone
else (whoever it is, is doing a GREAT job), and I’m sure the phones and
engine to power the activation and etc is run by another company.
If you’re looking for a pre-paid phone – Virgin’s got an A+ in my book.
The sell something does not mean you have to own everything. But like Virgin if you can piece together components, serviced by other companies, technology enables you to do a lot but own very little of what you sell as one package.