VOIP Another Case For Businesses

I’ve been writing quite a bit about the use of the Internet for telephone calls and hope you are as excited about this technology as I am.
It’s hard to know if it is for your business unless you read what others are doing.
CNN gives a few examples of companies successfully using VOIP and writes “There’s certainly a lot of interest,” said Zeus Kerravala, a vice president at the Yankee Group. “But there aren’t a lot of companies that have bet the farm and put all their communications on it.”
A 2004 Yankee Group survey of 231 businesses found that 39 percent were using IP telephony in some form. Of those, 9 percent were testing, 25 percent were partially deployed and 5 percent were fully deployed.
Of the 113 million U.S. business handsets in use today, only 10 percent use Internet Protocol tech. But growth is accelerating: In fact, the Yankee Group estimates 50 percent of new lines shipped this year will use IP.