Xerox’s New WorkCentre: Simple & Feature Rich

Xerox Corporation (NYSE: XRX) has launched the industry’s first office color multifunction system with patented solid ink technology and claims that it is 30 percent to 60 percent more affordable and has color speeds twice as fast as leading comparable competitive products in its class. Cost start at $2,999.00
There’s two main options businesses have when it comes to printing in color. Buy a color ink jet printer or buy a very expensive color laser jet printer. The ink jet often sits on someone’s desk and due to it’s small size and slow speed is not practical for sharing with employees in a small business or workgroup. A nice color laser printer costs from $800 on up but there’s not much you can do other than print – you still have to buy a copier and scanner (more dollars out of your pocket and devices to manage).
The advantage of a workgroup MFP is that you get scanning, printing and copying – your core business functions in one device for everyone in your business to share.
Xerox’s WorkCentre C2424 is built with ease of use, ease of use and ease of use in mind. I’ve seen it in action myself. Let me highlight a few features for you:
– You don’t have to worry about changing messy ink or toner cartridges – the C2424 uses non-toxic small cubes of solid ink color. Easy to install and no mess.
– If you are scanning a two sided document you don’t have to scan first one side and then the other since the C2424 scans both sides at one time. If you’ve got 10 double sided pages to scan – you’ve just cut your work in half.
– Instead of waiting for a print job to finish before you use the scanner, as you’ll find on other MFD’s, you can scan while the C2424 is printing.
– Network scanning is a powerful feature and means you don’t have to dedicate one computer for scanning. With the C2424 you can scan to a shared folder on its own hard disk or send the job to a folder directly to another computer!
– Setting up the C2424 is also VERY easy – resellers/techs: sit up and listen. Once you’ve got a network printer set up, traditionally you’ve got to go to each PC on your network and set up a TCP/IP port and IP address. Lexmark’s done away with this time wasting chore and their software FINDS the C2424 and automatically sets up each PC for network printing. Now why didn’t HP think of that?
– Xerox’s WorkCentre C2424 comes with a 1 year parts and on-site labor warranty.
For small businesses that don’t want to manage multiple devices but want the dynamics of color, the Xerox’s WorkCentre C2424 is a “you must consider me” tool. If you thought that going to Kinkos or a local printers was a pain (and costly at $.80+ per page) for each color print job you have to do then the C2424 takes that excuse away.
The Xerox press release reads The Xerox WorkCentre├ć C2424 multifunction system, aimed at small to medium-sized workgroups, is designed to deliver unsurpassed printing, copying and scanning performance in one integrated system at an estimated retail price of $2,999. It produces color and black-and-white office documents including text files, spreadsheets and presentations at 24 pages per minute, a speed level never before attained with a fully integrated product at this price.
“Offering exceptional image quality and outstanding ease of use in a compact unit that is tightly integrated in appearance, the WorkCentre C2424 has a robust feature set that is not lacking on the copier side, as with many letter-size workgroup color MFPs,” said Marlene Glazer of Buyer’s Laboratory (BLI), the industry’s leading independent testing organization. “Considering that it is the lowest-priced of competitive models with comparable color speed, current competitive offerings cannot match the WorkCentre C2424 in terms of combined value, performance and functionality.”
Read the full press release here