Archive of May 2005

Surprise Dial-Up Costs…A Warning

Today I opened up my MCI bill and to my surprise had a bill for $270 instead of the usual $45! I’m scratching my head and wondering why in the world my bill was so high. Well guess what? I was dialing Earthlink to long distance number instead of to a local number! Lesson learned, […]

Corel Word Perfect Office 12 – The Best Yet

I’ve started trying out Word Perfect Office 12 and I like it quite a bit. I’ve been a long time Word Perfect user (like many long time computer user have been at some point) but gradually switched over to Microsoft Office as that is what so many businesses are now using – 90%+ of the […] Web/audio Conference Subscriptions Grows is one of those many companies, like Constant Contact that does NOT issue a lot of press releases and is not a household name, but has a large and growing SMB following. It’s product – a full suite of intranet features – is VERY feature rich, robust and economical. tells me that demand […]

WSI’s Internet Business Consultants

When I first heard the phrase, “Internet Business Consultant” I wanted to laugh and thought to myself – here’s another person/company that consults for the “Information Super Highway”. Someone who tries to hood wink clueless businesses into thinking that they are getting something more than they really are by hiring an “Internet Business Consulant”. However […]

Increase Cell Phone Coverage In Your Office

Are you frustrated everytime you step into your office or home office and realize that you can’t use your cell phone and/or the signal bars are so small that it’s still pretty useless? Spotwave, has a $1,000 (and up) solution that lets you extend the cell phone range of your carrier inside your office. Spotwave […]

Two Web Sites: Why One Is Junk And One Is Not

By David Strom – David Strom has been involved in computer trade publishing and editorial management since 1986. He is currently the editor-in-chief for Tom’s Hardware. He founded Network Computing magazine in 1990 and was its first editor-in-chief, and helped launch PC Week’s Connectivity section. I have been spending time on two different Web sites […]

Should You Be Using A Mac?

I’ve been using a PC for many years, in fact, that’s all I’ve used and have never used a Mac. When I see others using Macs, they look so cool. For consumers, there’s no particular reason to NOT use a Mac, but businesses should seriously consider NOT using a Mac. Most business applications come for […]