Accept Credit Cards From Anywhere

It’s great to have an online business and it’s great to have a physical store, but what if you want to go on the road and still take credit card owners selling your products where your customers are?
Moneris Solutions, announced the delivery of an end-to-end wireless payment processing solution that allows merchants to accept credit and debit card transactions virtually anywhere at anytime.
Moneris’ wireless point-of-sale solution consists of compact mobile hardware, software, and wide area wireless network access. The offering includes Lipman’s NURIT 8000, which is a compact handheld terminal powered by APRIVA’s Intellegent POS Gateway Service. The terminal includes a thermal printer, a touch screen, and built-in PIN pad. The wireless terminal is backed by a broad coverage map through AT&T / Cingular’s General Packet Radio Service (GPRS) Network. GPRS offers merchants widespread network coverage that supports data-intensive applications and validates transactions in as little as four seconds.