Blogging For Business: A World of Conflicts

Yesterday I attended BDI Online’s excellent, Blogging for Business event. There was a keynote by Robert Scoble, Microsoft’s most famous blogger and programmer and a session led by Steve Rubel, of Micropersuasion who’s leading the world of PR folks into blogging.
There was a who’s who of bloggers, blogging service vendors, and PR/marketing professionals – all gathered to better understand and learn about the world of blogging. I’ll have a full report, photos, video and more later on.
I listened and contributed to a panel discussion about advertising on blogs – what a great discussion. In a nut shell – the gathered marketers were really confused and trying to get their heads around how to advertise on blogs. Advertising on mass media is easy – but that media is saturated. How to get to the lower but increasingly popular level of blog advertising.
The day before BDI’s event over 30 geeks/bloggers got together for dinner – see the video interviews and pictures.