Blogging Stories of Small Businesses

The San Francisco Chronicle published two very, very good articles on the aspect of small businesses and blogging. Over at CNet I’ve reviewed two blogging products – so far as well.
On Monday night, I was at a Geek Dinner by blogging luminaries Robert Scoble of Microsoft of others. See the video and accompanying text.
On Tuesday, BDI Online produced an excellent event about how blogging is going mainstream
The San Francisco Chronicle writes Woo credits the blog with helping double his company’s sales in 2004. “When we started off, I was skeptical about whether it would be successful, but it is core to our strategy,” he said.
GreenCine is a nationwide pioneer when it comes to the effective use of blogs by small businesses. Blogging — the creation of a kind of online public diary — got its start among tech-savvy individuals as a means of creative expression or social commentary. It has recently been taken up as a marketing tool by some big companies like General Motors and Stonyfield Farms, the Vermont yogurt manufacturer.
Now small businesses are starting to dip their toes into what is called the blogosphere. Some analysts suggest that blogging presents an ideal marketing opportunity for small business — that blogging is in fact better suited to the needs of small firms than large ones.

Also check out the Chronicle’s tips for the use of blogs in business.