Book Review: Sell More Technology Now

I was on the phone today talking with a software vendor and we were discussing how difficult it was for their partners to have a business/sales/marketing mindset as well as a hard core tech mindset. Many partners can easily install a router, network or repair a computer, but when it comes to writing a press release, putting together a proposal or speaking in public many are clueless.

“Sell More Technology Now”
by Oreste D’Aversa is 157 page guide that helps technology consultants sell more. Each chapter simply outlines what you need to do, gives you an example and then gives you a fill in the blank template for implementation.
For example, chapter four, “How to tell people what you do in 90 seconds”, will help you write a technology business value proposition. This book is not something you quickly read and put down, but purchase it with a sharp pencil in hand – ready to IMPLEMENT the book’s suggestions and boost your business.
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