Credit Card Companies Push SMBs to Get More Secure

As online credit card fraud rises, credit card companies are starting to crack down REAL hard on smaller merchants to ensure their online operations are as secure as possible.

Large companies have already been pressured to be more secure, but now credit card companies are focusing on smaller vendors. writes The credit-card associations, looking to keep card data out of the hands of thieves, have since 2001 promoted a strict set of security standards for all businesses that handle the cards. Until recently, though, they have focused enforcement on businesses handling vast numbers of transactions, such as retail giants.
While this is going to be a bit tough for smaller vendor, it’s going to great for security firms, who are going to be hired to ensure smaller vendors are more secure. It’s also good for the businesses and for customers. Unless someone forces smaller firms to be more secure, they might not otherwise take steps to enhance their security. writes further “We were kind of caught off guard by this program, like quite a few other merchants have been,” says Gary Praegitzer, network administrator in charge of security at Jelly Belly Candy Co. of Fairfield, Calif. He learned about Visa and MasterCard’s rules in early April from security-software maker Qualys Inc., Redwood Shores, Calif., which provides network scans that Jelly Belly and many other merchants will use to comply. “I’m not sure why they’re not making people more aware,” he says.