Dell As Your Technology Consultant

It’s old news that Dell reigns in PC sales, we all know they have spread into selling music players, printers and other consumer focused entertainment tools, but did you also know that Dell was leading the charge for PC/network support/installation?
IBM Global Services and a few other large companies have traditionally sold computer support services, in addition to trust local computer consultant.
But more and more, Dell is also becoming a technology support provider. I think they at times use IBM’s technician’s but never-the-less, whoever it is (Dell employees or a hired contractor) Dell is leading the charge.
Business Week writes But one of the company’s least glamorous initiatives is also gaining traction. In its earnings announcement on May 12, Dell reported that its $1.1 billion computer services operation grew 30% from the year before — almost double Dell’s 16% overall growth and almost five times faster than the overall services industry. “Dell has done a surprisingly good job,” says analyst Laura Conigliaro of Goldman, Sachs & Co. I highly encourage you to read the full article.