From PC To Post and More With Only Clicks. No Licks.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could create a document(s) on your computer and have it sent via postal service, fax, email or short message service (SMS) to cell phones?
When your business first started you could afford to manually enclose your invoices, monthly newsletter or other printed matter in an envelope and even lick the stamps and lick the envelope a few times. But now with 100, 500 or 10,000 customers – licking all those stamps is getting a bit nasty. Not too mention taking so much time.

Esker on Demand Office recently debut, and joins Kinkos and Mimeo which provide similar services/software PC to print document services. Kinkos, Memo and other services, however, only take care of getting your document printed and delivered by mail or just printed. If you want to have it faxed, emailed and SMS’d to others you can’t.
Esker on Demand for Office is an on-line document delivery service, that enables users of the most common desktop applications to choose among physical mail, fax, email and SMS as document delivery options.
“With a few clicks, Esker on Demand for Office lets a user send either one or thousands of physical mailings, faxes, emails or even SMS messages, directly from a word processor or via a web browser,” said Mitch Baxter, Executive Vice President of Business Development for Esker. “Not only does it save organizations a great deal of time, but eliminates the need for fax machines, printers, even envelopes, it’s like having your own personal ?virtual? mailroom staff.”
According to a recent poll by Esker, 73% of organizations still rely on word processors like Microsoft Word or WordPerfect to generate business documents such as invoices, purchase orders, contracts, remittance documents, and order confirmations.
“Esker has been a provider of automated document delivery for enterprise applications with Esker DeliveryWare,” said Baxter. “But we saw a gap in the organization where users at the desktop level were still generating a lot of documents from their desktop apps and sending them by hand. Esker on Demand for Office can eliminate this inefficiency and make life easier for those in the company responsible for transactional and bulk business correspondence.”
74% of organizations’ billing and invoice managers in the Esker poll also reported that the responsibility for both generating and mailing their documents falls entirely within their own departments.
“Transactional mail processing is an area in particular where organizations are losing a great deal of time and money by handling it manually,” said Baxter. “Although mail houses have long been available, many don’t do transactional mail like invoicing, and those who do try to force companies into long-term contracts, high setup fees and volume minimums. With Esker on Demand for Office, organizations can get all the mail processing capabilities they need without any such commitments. We think of it as mail automation for the masses.”
As organizations look for ways to minimize costs and streamline operations, interest in software “as a service” is increasing. According to IT analyst Gartner, the widespread adoption of IT infrastructure outsourcing (from data centers to help desks), coupled with the acceptance of outsourcing as a business practice to increase focus and competitiveness, has paved the way for organizations to consider outsourcing the next layer in the IT stack ó their business applications. Gartner forecasts a five-year growth rate for enterprise application outsourcing that exceeds 6%.1
How it works
Esker on Demand for Office combines the power and intelligence of Esker DeliveryWare with a worldwide network built by Esker for sending documents via mail, fax, email and SMS messages. Monitored 24/7/365, the network has processed close to five million pages of customer traffic to date. And, because the service integrates with Esker DeliveryWare, the Esker document automation software for enterprise applications, organizations can have one central platform for all of their document delivery.
The Esker on Demand for Office service can be accessed in three ways:
Via the web – log-in on the Esker on Demand for Office web site and upload documents for physical mail, fax, email and SMS delivery.
Via any desktop application – download a small print-driver application and access Esker on Demand for Office as a print option within any desktop application.
Via mail merge functions in word processing applications – download a small print-driver application, create a mail merge, and print to Esker on Demand for Office to automate bulk, personalized physical mailings.
Pricing and availability
Users can buy document delivery packs or contact Esker to set up an account and be billed on a monthly basis. Pricing depends on the recipient location and medium chosen. The service is free to set up and charges are 100% variable (not fixed), based on actual documents sent. For example, faxes sent anywhere in the United States cost 10 cents per page, and letter-size first-class mail costs as little as 57 cents per letter (including postage). For those establish a credit line with Esker, there is a minimum monthly charge of $100 regardless of volume.
Esker intelligent document delivery solutions include:
Esker DeliveryWare – a single and universal information exchange platform that captures, formats, converts, routes and stores documents – automatically – from any enterprise application. It features the industry’s broadest range of delivery media and file format conversion options and is the only solution with the DeliveryWare Rules Engine for document processing intelligence that eliminates the need for custom programming.
Esker on Demand – document delivery services enabling physical mail, fax, email and SMS delivery from enterprise and desktop applications with no printers, mailroom equipment, fax machines, office supplies, etc. The worldwide Esker on Demand network can be accessed via Esker DeliveryWare or on-line via Esker on Demand for Office.