Geek Dinner – Bloggers Get Together in NYC

Last night I attended and video taped my first and hopefully not last Geek Dinner where bloggers get together to network. The hosts/invitees of tonight’s event were Steve Rubel of and Robert Scoble of I conducted several interviews on video and we had a birthday party cake for Dave Winer, co-creator of RSS feeds amongst many other accomplishments.
I interviewed:
Mary Jo Foley, Journalist, Ziff-Davis,
Robert Safuto, (sending a photo to Flickr via his cell phone)
Mike Dunn, Nomadic Audio (about podcasting)
Tom, Musician/Composer, no blog, but has friends who blog and likes honesty in blogs
B.L. Ochman, Blog Consultant,
Dave Winer, RSS Co-creator,
Steve Rubel, PR/Blog guru,
Henry Abbott, Sports Writer,
Robert Scoble, Microsoft Devloper,