GSM Is Big But CDMA Is Growing

Just yesterday, I wrote about taking your cell phone with you to other countries and explained how GSM was a more global standard than CDMA – which Sprint and Verizon use. However, Sprint is working to remedy the situation.
Sprint (NYSE:FON) added seven new countries to its growing list of CDMA roaming partners. Sprint customers visiting Jamaica, Peru, Venezuela, Taiwan, Thailand, Brazil and Saipan are now able to roam using their Sprint wireless phone. Sprint customers can use their CDMA-enabled Sprint PCS Phone in more countries than any other carrier. Those customers equipped with a digital dual-band phone can roam in more than 20 countries. Customers with a tri-mode phone can now roam in more than 40 countries with Sprint PCS International roaming. Additionally, Sprint customers roaming in Canada and the Dominican Republic will enjoy expanded coverage.
“The increasing number of countries jumping on the CDMA bandwagon is a testament to the increasing popularity of CDMA technology among wireless carriers,” said Wes Coffindaffer, director – Intercarrier Services, Sprint. “Our business is about making it easier and more convenient for our customers to use their wireless phone when they’re away from home. We’ll continue to expand our international roaming portfolio to allow customers to feel as if they never left home.”
Sprint customers can determine which roaming solution best meets the customer needs by locating the country or countries they will be visiting while traveling abroad and the type of roaming used in that country by visiting or calling the Sprint PCS International Roaming Team at 1-888-226-7212. Additional per-minute charges apply for international roaming service.
Prior to traveling outside the United States, Sprint encourages its customers to contact the Sprint PCS International Roaming Team to authorize the phone for international roaming. There is no charge for this authorization, and it could take up to 2 to 3 business days to go through on a customer’s account.