Having a Web Site is Easy. Getting Sales is Hard

Building a web site is VERY easy. The hard part is having your audience do what you want on that web site – like buying something.
Web conversion expert Dan Lok gives the following tips for converting browsers to buyers:
1. Revise and Update Your Web Copy. Use true success stories that reveal techniques and tactics. Create the desire to know or have the product by focusing on the benefits and ease of use. Test and revise till you know the copy works.
2. Find Out Where Your Visitors are Coming From. Track and analyze your web site traffic and learn the sites where your traffic is coming from. Know which advertising or marketing activities produce your true customers so you can focus on those areas and make them grow.
3. Find Out What Your Visitors Are Looking For and Deliver It. Ask your visitors to tell you their needs or wants. Identify the patterns and most common requests. Then modify your offering to meet these needs.
4. Develop A Relationship Before You Try to Close the Sale. Share your knowledge and expertise. Offer free samples or reports. Provide free recommendations. Get the prospect involved and demonstrate you can communicate and are trustworthy.
5. Add Audio to Your Web Site. Pop their interest and surprise them. Many people will respond more effectively to audio. Give them audio messages that educate them and teach them some thing that has real value.
Offering a free value-added product or service is one of the best ways to open up the door to an ongoing relationship with your prospects that brings them closer to becoming an actual customer. Make sure you offer something that is related to the task at hand and demonstrates your special expertise and savvy. Dan offers a free report titled “101 Things You Can Offer Your Web Site Visitors” via email.
To receive the report, send him an email at danlok@websiteconversionexpert.com and place the words “101 Web Ideas” in the subject line.
Use these techniques to resuscitate your web site and watch your conversion rate increase dramatically.
For more information visit www.websiteconversionexpert.com Dan’s web site contains one of the best lists of recommended online marketing technologies to enhance and update marketing resources you’ll ever find.