Hosted Email Security Solution: For SMBs and Their Techs

I’ve been using DigiPortal’s ChoiceMail for some time now and it catches all of my (many) spam email messages. While ChoiceMail and other software solutions are a great choice, many business might not have the staff or time to install anti-spam software on each computer and/or server. You might fall into the category of being unhappy with your current anti-spam provider or maybe you don’t have an anti-spam solution.
AppRiver is a “managed service provider” (MSP) that offers email security (including spam stopping) services to businesses. As an MSP, there’s no software to install – you just direct all your email to AppRiver’s SpamLab service and once your spam is taken out, your cleaned email is forwarded to you.
I’m not sure if AppRiver?s SpamLab service is any better than other anti-spam services from Spam Assassin, BrightMail (recently purchased by Symantec) or etc, but AppRiver’s SpamLab is driven by the interaction of several integrated proprietary applications. The spam detection engine is internally built and relies on more than 60 types of spam filtering techniques to effectively monitor Spammer activity around the clock. The service continuously updates its filtering engine in real time, to ensure AppRiver customers are protected from even the newest Spammer innovations. The result is that AppRiver regularly eliminates 97% or more of incoming spam messages before they ever get to the user?s system.
In addition to sophisticated spam identification analytics, the AppRiver service employs multiple anti-virus engines and proprietary detection systems that rid incoming email of worms, viruses and other protocol-based vulnerabilities. The AppRiver service also provides perimeter security that conceals the user?s message infrastructure to protect from a myriad of attacks, including Denial of Service (DOS) and Directory Harvesting.
Some businesses prefer to host their own email servers and maintain the necessary security. For example, I’ve used a Linux email server for about 3 years now, with NO problem. It works perfectly. However, for many smaller-medium sized businesses without the staff or expertise to dedicate to managing an email server, its security and anti-spam software, outsourcing email security solutions to a service provider like AppRiver might be the answer.
Outsourced email is not only a solution for SMB end users to consider, but resellers/VARs as well. Having your clients use outsourced services is less work for you to repair/manage and leaves more time for more interesting and possibly profitable projects.