How IBM Is Reaching Small Business And The Challenges Ahead

IBM’s one of those great companies that must shift its strategy in meeting the needs of the small business market. It is succeeding by working with its partners/resellers to package a range of solutions specifically geared towards the SMB market.
Interestingly enough – it’s sandwiched between Microsoft (software) and Dell (hardware).
The Register writes Three of IBM¬?s five software brands are based around deployment and collaboration software (the other two, Tivoli and Rational, are for systems management and application development respectively). All three are well known and respected names: Lotus for collaboration and email management, DB2 for data management and WebSphere for application deployment.
IBM has been busy producing Express versions of products from the Lotus, DB2 and WebSphere brands targeted specifically at the SMB market. These are aimed to be easy to deploy, manage, install, learn and use with a competitive price point. They are also packaged to be easy to demonstrate, pilot and sell, hopefully making them attractive to resellers. To simplify things further IBM has also released IBM Express Run Time a single environment for running all of its Express offerings