Increase Cell Phone Coverage In Your Office

Are you frustrated everytime you step into your office or home office and realize that you can’t use your cell phone and/or the signal bars are so small that it’s still pretty useless?
Spotwave, has a $1,000 (and up) solution that lets you extend the cell phone range of your carrier inside your office.
Spotwave Wireless announced their roadmap for delivering the small office and residential version of their SpotCell adaptive coverage systems. The company’s latest offering enables a radical shift in the way consumers leverage wireless voice and data services, and in the way that carriers deliver them.
“More than price or functionality, coverage is what consumers want – and we’re making sure they get it where and when they need it with a simple, effective, carrier-approved solution,” said Bill Carlin, CEO, Spotwave Wireless. “It’s clear that with a growing number of mobile workers, and high value wireless data services like EVDO and UMTS, voice and data use in this market will continue to surge as long as subscribers are satisfied with the quality of service “
Analysts and consumer groups predict that by 2009, more than half of Americans will use a wireless phone as their only phone. Currently almost 40 percent of calls made from home are on a cell phone. Industry analysis also shows that wireless services and applications designed primarily for business environments are spilling into homes. More home office workers, more family plans, more devices like PDAs and 3G enabled laptops, designed to keep employees tethered to their workplace, mean wireless use at home is clearly on the rise.
“With wireless becoming a primary form of communication, in-building coverage is the next major frontier for both enterprises and home users. We know 30 percent of wireless users are dissatisfied with their residential wireless coverage,” said Mark Lowenstein, Managing Director, Mobile Ecosystem. “Spotwave is addressing a clear need to improve coverage in areas where consumers use their devices the most – at work and at home.”
Pricing and availability
Available now, the SpotCell Home pricing is variable by carrier, with introductory pricing starting at $895, and providing targeted wireless coverage for homes and small offices. Spotwave plans new product releases in the fall of 2005 that will add the full European and Asian feature set. The SpotCell Home product will be continually updated to align with ongoing carrier mergers and spectrum changes. More information on ordering is available at
Product Highlights
-Ideal coverage solutions for homes and small offices
– Out-of-the-box wireless coverage├▒ ready for rapid deployment
-Discreet looking design blends seamlessly into any environment
– Fully adaptive operation – self adjusts to maintain stable and consistent coverage area
– Very low power emission, ensuring your cell phones emit less power and extending battery life
– Available with an installation kit or the option for professional installation at an additional charge
– Knowledge of the network or base station locations not required
– Guaranteed to protect signal integrity as the network evolves
– Supporting both North American Cellular and PCS Frequency Bands, CDMA and GSM networks
– Integrated Support to enhance High Speed Data – 1xRTT, GPRS, EDGE, EVDO, UMTS