Intranets: Simple, Powerful. The Quitet Revolution

Anthony Ambrogio keeps track of 15,000 students, 5,000 instruments and 87 teachers in a way he could never have imagined in his days as a music student at The Juilliard School.
As the administrator for music and fine arts for the Sachem Central School District in New York, Ambrogio set up an intranet to help orchestrate the department.Ambrogio faced the same problem that many midsized organizations do: getting employees on the same page — literally. Today he credits the intranet that Inc., a Burlington, Mass.-based company established for a monthly fee of $3.62 per member per month.
“For the price, it was really a no-brainer — for what it cost to use this thing out of the box,” Ambrogio said, rather than dedicate the time and resources of the school’s internal IT department. Read the rest of Ambrogio’s story here at