Intuit Gets Physical

Intuit’s Quick Books Point of Sale gives customers an easy to use and feature rich “cash register” (but so much more). Yesterday Intuit announced the release of a wireless bar code scanner so that QB POS customers can wirelessly scan inventory items – saving time.
Intuit’s press release reads – The physical inventory scanner is a wireless handheld device that goes anywhere – from display racks to back rooms – giving retailers the ability to scan barcodes in batches for faster, easier and more accurate product counts. When placed back in the scanner cradle, inventory information is automatically downloaded into the system eliminating the need for manual entry.
“Doing quarterly inventory takes days and required my whole staff to come in after hours to manually count every item on the shelf and in the back room. Sometimes we have to recount inventory twice, sometimes three times to get a consistent count,” said Robert Ahern, of Brazil Marin, a Brazilian specialty foods store. “With the new wireless physical inventory scanner, integrated with QuickBooks Point of Sale, not only will we be able to quickly and easily scan inventory, but entering inventory will be a snap and we can be sure it’s accurate.”
Inventory Scanner Increases Accuracy
Taking inventory is one of the most time-consuming and labor-intensive tasks every store owner faces. It is also one of the most crucial. Having too much stock, or too little, is costly. According the National Retail Federation, U.S. retailers lose $224 billion due to excess inventory and $45 billion from not having inventory in stock.
The wireless physical inventory scanner helps solve difficulties around inventory by allowing inventory data to seamlessly sync with QuickBooks Point of Sale software. In addition, inventory lists are automatically updated while you ring up sales or as returns are processed, so retailers can get real-time data on sales trends and current inventory levels. When items drop below set re-order points, QuickBooks Point of Sale posts reminders or can automatically generate purchase orders and retailers can email them directly to vendors, avoiding costly overstocks or out-of-stock situations.
“Because the new wireless physical inventory scanner will integrate with my QuickBooks Point of Sale software my inventory is automatically updated in all my business records. The inventory count will be more accurate, and I’ll know when to re-order more of my most popular items before ever running out of them, so I never lose a sale,” said Chris Loftin, owner of Stylz Clothing, a youth-oriented boutique in Sacramento, CA.
QuickBooks Point of Sale is now available at select retail outlets or direct through Intuit by calling 1-800-926-6066 or visiting
ï Basic: $799.95 for software or $1,499.95 with hardware – Inventory, sales and customer information tracking
ï Pro: $1,049.95 for software or $1,749.95 with hardware – All the features of Basic, and also tracks sales orders, layaways, commissions and additional details on inventory
ï Pro Multi-Store: $1,399.95 for software or $2,099.95 with hardware – All the features of Pro, plus the ability to manage up to 10 stores from a single location
ï Physical Inventory Scanner: $719.95 – Scan inventory anywhere