Kensington Replies About Their Locks

I informed you that some Kensington locks could be picked in seconds with a piece of toilet paper roll. This is not new news, but new to me. In any case, Kensington sent me their boiler plate response dated 30 November 2004, which I am sharing with you below.
No one takes laptop security more seriously than Kensington.
Following the questions that have recently surfaced related to cylindrical locks, we rigorously tested our full product line to identify potential vulnerabilities.
Based on our testing, we determined that the vast majority of our products are not susceptible to recently publicized lock-picking techniques. For the small percentage of our locks that are potentially susceptible, we are offering our customers the opportunity to exchange these locks for an updated version at no charge.
While we continue to stand behind the quality of all of our products and their ability to deter theft, we place a premium on customer satisfaction. We are committed to earning our customers’ trust every day.
Customers who have any concerns about their lock should call 888-724-8624 with the number imprinted on the key. If the lock falls within the small percentage of potentially susceptible locks, instructions will be given for an exchange. In addition, we back all of our products with a lifetime guarantee.
Kensington MicroSaver(tm) is the #1 laptop security lock. Consistent with our industry leadership, you can count on the fact that we will continue to innovate and improve upon our designs to further frustrate those who would make concerted efforts to defeat laptop security locks.