Make Your Database Mobile – Move It From Your Corporate Server To A Mobile Device

eUnifty provides a hosted intranet for its customers, competing directly with Their newest release is a soltuion to take your corporate database and enable your mobile devices to easily access it.
Their press release reads – Rapid deployment of a mobile workforce is quickly becoming a necessity for businesses of every size. Remote database software-as-a-service from eUnify lets companies quickly deploy mobile SFA, CRM, field service workers, collect data remotely or build any customized shared databases to meet any mobile data needs. Mobile data access with no server, no sync, no client, no software development studio is a new way to achieve the competitive advantage offered by your mobile workforce and road warriors.
The database service eliminates the high costs of servers, IT staff, development and administration of mobile applications and the hassle of synchronization. Shared databases can be customized from scratch, imported from CSV or XML files or brought into using APIs or web service, easily connecting corporate databases, custom or legacy systems to workers in the field.
The ever-increasing availability of wireless connectivity and the rapid deployment of mobile devices makes data access from your handheld browser the next logical step in the evolution of this technology. No software client storage issues, no synchronization headaches our misplaced data from lost or stolen devices. Secure login, database permissions including views and fields and the ability to instantly limit access make hosted database service a safer option. The benefits and cost reduction of hosted services are now available to the mobile world.
“We let companies, no matter what the size, instantly deploy a mobile workforce, ” noted Steve Serra, CEO of eUnify Networks, ” our collaboration suite,.Net intranet and mobile web database bring enterprise class solutions and mobile connectivity to both small and large organizations.”
The eUnify web database provides a central and secure location for online data management. Custom or imported tables can be sorted and matched to allow for the most relevant view of data. With table relations, calculated fields and multi-tiered permissions per database, view and fields, critical data can be securely accessed in comprehensive format. An icon-based graphical user interface removes the necessity of expensive programmers or development teams so that companies can build databases with a very limited budget and deploy remote teams quickly and affordably.