Mobile Wireless ‘Net Access – Prices Are Going Lower and Lower

Imagine being able to have access to the Internet from almost anywhere. In your office or home you can wirelessly connect to your broadband connection – easy enough. When you go to an airport lounge or other business/metropolitan location you can get WiFi often times. But for those times when you can’t get wireless broadband having a broadband cellular account from Verizon, AT&T or others is well worth it.
In this connection, Verizon announced a price drop from $79 to $59 per month for its cellular based Internet service. Verizon also announced support for the Palm Treo 650.
Unlimited use of NationalAccess is now $59.99 for monthly access, a savings of $20 a month, while unlimited use of BroadbandAccess is $79.99 monthly access.
NationalAccess is Verizon Wireless? national wireless high-speed data service that allows customers to access the Internet, intranet, e-mail, attachments and business applications from their laptops at average speeds of 60-80 kbps and bursts of up to 144 kbps based on Verizon Wireless stringent testing. NationalAccess is available in thousands of cities and towns across the nation.
BroadbandAccess is Verizon Wireless? premier data service, offering employees one of the fastest, fully mobile wide-area wireless data solutions available today. Developed with a range of users in mind, Verizon Wireless? BroadbandAccess operates on the company?s Evolution-Data Optimized (EV-DO) network, giving customers a fast, convenient way to conduct business anytime, anywhere while providing employees the speeds required to work efficiently outside the office. This high-speed wireless service, available in a growing number of markets throughout the U.S., provides customers with average speeds of 400-700 kbps, capable of bursts up to 2 Mbps based on Verizon Wireless tests.
Another offering from Verizon includes Wireless Sync.
Wireless Sync Workgroup keeps up to twenty users up-to-the-minute with their groupware-based e-mail, calendars, contacts and tasks. The solution provides software that can be quickly downloaded and installed on a standard PC to monitor e-mail and PIM data in Microsoft ExchangeÆ or Lotus DominoÆ, and then push the information to the users? Treo, PocketPC, or Smartphone device.
Wireless Sync Enterprise Server provides an enterprise-class, behind-the-firewall mobility platform for large customers capable of scaling to support thousands of users. It provides secure mobile data delivery for e-mail, calendar, contacts, tasks and other enterprise data to Verizon Wireless Smartphones and PDAs. Wireless Sync Enterprise Server has features that enable enterprises to secure mobile devices and disable lost or stolen devices over-the-air (OTA), providing increased protection of corporate information.