More Than Databases: Customer Intelligence Boosts Sales & Profits

Maximizer is one of several CRM solutions that are available for you to consider. If you have NO solution to manager customer relations, more than just a simple customer database (that is better than nothing), but a true SYSTEM to manage leads, track sales, take advantage of opportunities, upsell and etc – you are losing money and most likely losing customers.
The following success story about a Maximizer customer takes you inside a “typical” CRM purchase. Although this success story is focused on Maximizer there are many other solutions (, Saleslogix, Microsoft CRM and etc) that might be just fine for your business.
There’s two important parts to this story. One – it’s important to have a CRM system in your business. Two – it’s important to work with a competent consultant for the support, installation and training.
When it comes to basketball, many NCAA teams have at least one thing in common with the NBA’s New Jersey Nets – and that’s the floor on which they play. Seton Hall University Pirates, St. John’s University Red Storm, Marist College Red Foxes, Manhattan College Jaspers, Hofstra University Golden Eagles, Stockton State College Ospreys, and Ramapo College Roadrunners, all play on hard court floors similar to the floor the Nets’ play on in their practice facility, which was installed by Mathusek Inc., one of North America’s largest installers of world-class performance sports courts and sports floors.
Mathusek Inc., a privately held company headquartered in Bergenfield, NJ installed its first gym floor back in 1965. Over the years Mathusek’s product line has expanded to include basketball courts, indoor tracks and any other special need floor. Since its inception 40 years ago, the Company has installed hundreds of gym floors, including the installation of the main gym for the University of Lima in Peru, and the sports floors of Reebok’s World Headquarters in Canton, MA.
Despite experiencing continued growth, Mathusek Inc. had a major problem, recalls Warren Mathusek, President of the Company. “We spent so much time tracking and managing projects that we couldn’t get out as many new job proposals as we wanted. We knew if our sales team could increase the number of proposals on prospects’ desks we’d be able to increase business and grow the Company.”
To manage this growth, Mathusek’s management team needed a way to keep each new project organized and under control. Increasing the number of field staff to accommodate new projects created additional challenges as staff also needed to continue servicing existing customers. Mathusek wanted to increase his project managers’ visibility into the details of each existing project and he wanted an easy way for his employees to update the Company records for each new project that was started.
To help organize project details and customer management processes, Mathusek Inc. first started using an early version of Maximizer Enterprise in its customer service department more than a decade ago. Maximizer Enterprise was suggested after an employee – who was considering creating his own customer management system for the company – realized how useful a complete CRM system could be. Mathusek called on Maximizer Software who put him in touch with Wintec, a Certified Maximizer Business Partner in New York, NY.
The Challenge
Prior to installing Maximizer Enterprise, the sales team at Mathusek Inc. was struggling with how to keep new projects and existing customer records organized. One of the difficulties for Mathusek Inc. was the way in which field reps were tracking project details. There was no central database where all of the customer information resided and there were many duplicate records across each of these databases.
The multiple databases in use by the sales team made it impossible to share important customer information throughout the organization in a timely and reliable way. It also made it difficult for sales managers at Mathusek Inc. to pull together and analyze sales forecasts and sales call reports.
In addition, Mathusek Inc. was beginning to experience the challenges of managing the customer service and post-sales side of the business as the organization grew in both size and reputation. This required a means of tracking all the equipment that had been installed in the field, as well as the service work associated with the equipment, billing, follow-up, and operational and management reports.
Another challenge facing Mathusek Inc. was a lack of technology resources. Mathusek doesn’t have a dedicated IT team so whatever new IT system was installed had to be reliable, easy to use and simple to maintain.
Mathusek Inc. chose to implement Maximizer Enterprise for the following reasons:
* After researching products from SalesLogix, Siebel or GoldMine, Mathusek determined that Maximizer Enterprise provided a much easier and faster installation than competing products
* Mathusek saw that Maximizer Enterprise could be easily scaled to accommodate organizational growth
* An increasing amount of new business meant Mathusek would be on the road more often and he required reliable synchronization of data to his laptop
* Mathusek needed a powerful sales tool that his sales team would want to use and would use often
* The sales managers wanted a comprehensive sales opportunity manager to keep on top of new opportunities
Mathusek Inc. selected the Wintec Group to customize and implement an upgrade of Maximizer Enterprise for their organization, as well as train all 20 users on the product.
At the start of the business relationship, Wintec spent a few days learning Mathusek Inc.’s business processes, including customer service, project documentation, and reporting methods. Consultants at Wintec met with each customer-facing staff member at Mathusek, including sales, marketing, customer service, accounting and senior management.
“It was important to spend time with each of Mathusek Inc.’s employees to ensure their new Maximizer Enterprise CRM system would meet the needs of each user throughout the Company,” said Liz Wolfe, President, Wintec Group.
Wintec required approximately two weeks to implement and customize Maximizer Enterprise for Mathusek Inc. In addition to the out-of-the-box sales, marketing and customer service modules in Maximizer Enterprise, Wintec built an additional module to manage the equipment installed at client sites. This enabled Mathusek Inc.’s employees to manage their technical resources and client service requests with associated job sheets, expense reports, and billing verification. This made it easier for customer-facing employees to see all of the critical information they needed on installations and clients in a single view, plus the management reports provided a much more comprehensive insight into company operations. Mathusek Inc. now has a complete service history of each sports court installed in the field.
“Because we don’t have an IT team at Mathusek Inc we appreciated the support Wintec gave us in implementing and customizing Maximizer Enterprise and then training our employees on how to use it effectively. Their experience with Maximizer Enterprise was very valuable,” said Mathusek. “Now our sales and service operations are integrated within Maximizer Enterprise. The system provides reliable synchronization of information to our reps and it’s easy for them to see the significant contribution Maximizer Enterprise is making to our business. This means they use it more often and we’re now exploring additional opportunities to leverage some of the other capabilities Maximizer Enterprise has to offer.”
Mathusek Inc. realized significant results since installing Maximizer Enterprise more than a decade ago:
* Revenues grew from $1.8 million in 1991 to more than $8 million today
* New projects gave Mathusek Inc. the ability to increase its staffing levels over that same period by more than 75%
* Service response times have increased by an estimated 50%
* New inquiries are followed up in timely manner, ensuring new leads don’t disappear from lack of attention
* Internal communications continues to improve
* Management is now generating powerful reports with key performance indicators, allowing for more accurate sales forecasts
After the initial installation of Maximizer Enterprise, Mathusek continued to invest in Maximizer Enterprise, upgrading the system with each new release of the product. As Mathusek looks to the future, he envisions each new job flowing through his customer service department. Maximizer Enterprise is being used to drive the business forward and is now the focal point for managing Mathusek Inc.’s day-to-day operations.
Mathusek has 15 seats and is an annual maintenance customer. Maintenance for 8.0 cost $1500; plus $1850 for the installation (which meant two days of consulting from Wintec); plus what Mathusek had originally spent for version 7.0 (approx.$2000) + previous versions. Normally, Maximizer Enterprise costs $489 per seat.