Nokia: More Than Telephones

Nokia announced the launch of its first “non-phone” mobile device – a Linux based, WiFi enabled TabletPC.
For your business, this does not mean that much, expect that now there is more competition in the mobile computing space and specifically the TabletPC market, which Nokia obviously feels has room to grow.
Software with the 770 includes an Internet Radio, RSS News reader, Image viewer and Media players for selected types of media. The Nokia 770 Internet Tablet is planned to start shipping in the third quarter of 2005 in selected countries in the Americas and Europe.
The Nokia 770 Internet Tablet features a high-resolution (800×480) widescreen display with zoom and on-screen keyboard, ideal for viewing online content over Wi-Fi. Aside from Wi-Fi, the device can also connect to the Internet utilizing Bluetooth wireless technology via a compatible mobile phone.