Passwords Are Not Enough For VERY Secure Data

Most of us rely only on passwords to protect the critical files on our computers. However, if you have data that needs to be kept ultra secure – this is not enough. What if your notebook is stolen? Giving a hacker hours and hours of time to break into Windows default security is almost a sure way to ensure they do break into your computer.
A better solution is a “two factor” security system which requires the entering of a password AND the security key like a bank ATM machine.
Griffin Technologies, LLC SecuriKey offers users a higher level of security – beyond just passwords.
Whether protecting highly confidential data or simply preventing unwanted use, SecuriKey makes securing any computer is as easy as putting a key into a lock. The product totally restricts access to the Windows and/or Mac operating systems, maintaining control of the computer while ensuring protection should the device be lost or stolen.
Versatile enough for road warrior, Small Office/Home Office or family use, SecuriKey Professional Edition features an easy auto lockup feature. Simply remove the key-like SecuriKey token from the USB port and the computer is locked; re-insert the key, and the user resumes control of the machine.
SecuriKey users can also set their security controls to allow partial access without user authentication, so that family members or co-workers can use the computer without access to specific files or applications.
SecuriKey ships with two, key-sized USB tokens suitable for attachment to any key ring. Having a second SecuriKey token gives users a backup should the first be lost or stolen; the single SecuriKey license allows users to load the software on as many computers as they wish, all controlled by the same one or two tokens.
For multiple users, SecuriKey Professional Edition supports the creation of separate accounts. Each separately protected account requires the purchase of at least one additional token.
SecuriKey Professional Edition for Windows/Mac platforms is now shipping worldwide and is priced at $129.00 (MSRP). The product includes two USB tokens, security software for Mac OS X and Windows, and complete installation instructions. Volume pricing is available. Additional tokens for multiple users