Peer To Peer Networks Will Invade Your Business

Right now the hottest peer-to-peer applications are for consumers, especially with file sharing. Enabling your PC to share files with my PC and exponetially increase with no central file sharing needed, like in the Groove model.
However, more and more you’ll start to see peer-to-peer (P2P) networks used for corporate applications.
News Factor writes One of Microsoft’s stated intentions is to add Groove’s P2P technology to its next-generation operating system called Longhorn. With Longhorn’s arrival on the desktop and server, Microsoft may single-handedly redistribute and accelerate corporate bandwidth demand.
Also on the horizon is another corporate networking nightmare called the grid. Lo and behold, the underpinning of all grid technology is P2P. With the adoption of Globus 4.0 as the new XML-based protocol standard, grid services will become the P2P of Web services.
As corporate terminal-mainframe centralized networking evolved into client-server distributed networking, so shall all forms of corporate networking eventually evolve into P2P.