SAP for SMBs? You heard right

SAP, for a long time, has been known as a BIG business application but writes that it could be for smaller businesses as well.
When Julie Sharpe’s $50 million company went looking for new enterprise software, SAP wasn’t even on the list of candidates because of its reputation of catering to large companies.
Disappointed by the first round of potential vendors, Sharpe started from scratch, adding SAP to the list. Eventually, her company chose SAP over the objections of an outside consultant.Sharpe was one of three IT professionals from midmarket companies contending with rapid growth and global expansion over the past decade. At SAP’s Sapphire event, the company’s annual U.S. user conference, they discussed why they chose SAP and advised IT professionals what to do in similar situations.
Sharpe is chief information officer for Fusion UV Systems Inc., a $50 million, 200 employee company with 10 offices worldwide. Fusion UV shines high-intensity ultraviolet light to seal items like windshields, eyeglass lenses and keyboards.
“We had a modern product, we wanted a modern organization,” said Sharpe, explaining the upgrade from an MS-DOS system to SAP’s ERP and customer relationship management systems. Read the full SearchSMB story here