Secure Email In An Unsecure World

There’s many email threats a business must deal with. External – viruses, phishing and hacking. Internal – an employee giving the wrong information to the wrong person.
Of course the best solution is to ensure as best one can, only honest and ethical employees are hired – but this cannot always be done. Also, you could have a great employee but they could accidently email a list of credit card numbers to your customer list!
There’s several products on the market that can intelligently look at email going in and coming out, one solution is offered by Nemx.
Nemx has introduced SecurExchange, which incorporates the latest in Intelligent Content Analysis (ICA) techniques, such as true concept-based scanning and natural language processing, as well as personalized Smart Action Triggersô (SATô), and is capable of monitoring all incoming, outgoing and internal messages in real time.
“We recognize how absolutely critical it is for our customers to actually prevent these kind of acceptable use content violations before the damage is done. In this context, monitoring internally circulated email is every bit as critical as checking the incoming and outgoing messages, yet other proxy and appliance-based solutions, and even managed services, simply cannot do this,” said John Young – President, Nemx Software. “The unequalled integration with Exchange, together with the intelligent monitoring and real time SAT capabilities of SecurExchange are the keys to total email peace of mind.”
SecurExchange, permits companies, for example, to define a content policy that allows a message that contains credit card information to be circulated amongst employees within the finance department, but not externally and perhaps not even to other departments in the company. SecurExchange would identify the message, automatically allow delivery to recipients within the finance department but block it from being delivered to any other email address. In addition, a notification or warning could be sent back to the compliance officer, or original sender, if an outbound message was trapped.
SecurExchange solves another important problem – with sophisticated content analysis and proprietary Smart Action Triggers it makes sure that legitimate email isn’t unintentionally blocked, or worse yet, deleted. Many users have suffered the frustration of over zealous spam filters blocking business critical legitimate email. With features like concept scanning, automatic friendly domains and user whitelists SecurExchange achieves an unsurpassed level of accuracy in identifying, and properly processing, legitimate business messages.