Security: Don’t Self Destruct

Just to remind you, when you are updating your computer’s security programs go DIRECTLY to the web site of the vendor in question. Don’t click on an email message, for example, to go to or Instead manually and carefully type their respective web sites into your web browser.
This web site has the latest Microsoft updates.
News Factor writes Hoping once again to fool security-minded users, malicious hackers have released a fake Microsoft Latest News about Microsoft security Latest News about Security update, claiming that it is an update to Internet Explorer, Outlook Express and Outlook.
The release of such e-mails has become common after a Microsoft security patch update, to the point that bogus updates sometimes appear only hours after the official patches are released.
The latest version is titled the “May 2005 Cumulative Patch” and claims to resolve all known security vulnerabilities with IE, Outlook and Outlook Express. The e-mail mimics Microsoft language and official communication in an attempt to look legitimate.