Share Your Desktop With No Hassle

There’s many services such as WebEx, IMConferencing, Placewhere, Gotomeeting and others that let you conduct web conferences using audio and PC presentations. Glance Networks offers a desktop sharing service that’s perfect for those times when all you need to really do is share your desktop with others. It’s simple, but isn’t that what you need if all you need to do is let others see your desktop?

Glance instantly shows a live view of one’s PC screen to anyone with an Internet connection. Glance allows users to demonstrate software, give presentations, qualify sales prospects, go over spreadsheets, provide technical assistance or training, show designs and review documents. Every mouse movement and screen update is seen instantly.
For example, Glance allows Concours Mold to review project details in real time with customers in various locations, providing the opportunity for simple changes and modifications at the most cost-effective stages, ultimately ensuring complete customer satisfaction.
“We use Glance to conduct review meetings for projects in real-time,” commented Mario Donaldson, data and systems administrator, Concours Mold, Inc. “Glance allows us to show a customer, anywhere in the world, our progress, and they can easily review the product and have changes made quickly on the fly without ever having to leave their office. Glance ensures the customer is extremely satisfied with the end product, meeting all their specialized requirements. Glance is a very successful sales and project management tool for us.”
Unlike traditional web conferencing services, guests do not need to download software to join a Glance session. They connect in seconds. Glance’s simple and affordable desktop sharing service is particularly conducive to small-to-medium sized businesses (SMBs) that need a fast-connecting alternative to web conferencing for hosting web demos, presentations and collaborative sessions.