Should You Be Using A Mac?

I’ve been using a PC for many years, in fact, that’s all I’ve used and have never used a Mac. When I see others using Macs, they look so cool. For consumers, there’s no particular reason to NOT use a Mac, but businesses should seriously consider NOT using a Mac.
Most business applications come for the PC (first for sure for the PC and at times ONLY for the PC). The other consideration is support. Sure there are MANY Mac support technicians but there are so many, many, many more consultants who can help with PC support. If you need PC support you don’t want to have to search high and low for help.
Network World MacCentral writer Winn Schwartau writes about his experience and more importantly reasons for switching to a PC.
He writes I have come to the belief that there is a much easier, more secure way to use computers. After having spent several years focusing my security work on Ma, Pa and the Corporate Clueless, I also have come to the conclusion that if I’?m having such security problems, heaven help the 98 percent of humanity who merely want a computer for e-mail and multimedia.
Even though I’m a security guy going on 22 years now, my day-to-day work is pretty much like everyone else’?s. I live on laptops and use my desktops at home and the office for geeking and experimenting. My two day-to-day laptops (two, for 24/7 backup) are my business machines. I don’?t need them to do a whole lot – except work reliably, which is why I am fed up with WinTel.
I want my computer to function every time I turn it on. I want my computer to not corrupt data when it does crash. I use a handful of applications: Microsoft Office, e-mail, browser, FTP client and some multimedia toys. Regardless of format, they should work without crashing.