SmartOnline Snags Another Distributor

SmartOnline offers SMBs a suite of hosted applications and services for their business. As with most “software-as-a-service” offerings it does not have the money to advertise all over the mass media. However, even better, it is working with partners to give them co-branded or private label “SmartOnline” portals for their customers. The more of these deals it can put together the wider its reach will be and the more sales it has.
SmartOnline recently announced – Smart Online Inc. announced it is partnering with BusinessWeek Online to offer its suite of web-based services for small business owners using the BusinessWeek site. These services will complement and further enhance the depth of small business news, advice and resources available to users of BusinessWeek Online’s SmallBiz Channel. Recently Smart Online also struck a deal with NY Enterprise Report
Visitors to BusinessWeek Online’s SmallBiz Channel can now access Smart Online’s tools, guides and solutions at BusinessWeek Online’s SmallBiz Resource Center. Entrepreneurs, owners and managers of startups and small companies will benefit from convenient online access to an extensive range of services designed to help them start, manage and grow their businesses. Smart Online offers free and a la carte resources in areas including business plan development, incorporation and financing for startups, to human resource management, sales and marketing for growing companies.
BusinessWeek Online users also qualify for a free, 30-day trial to Smart Online’s OneBiz Conductor-a service which allows them full access to all of Smart Online’s small business applications. After the trial period, users can subscribe to OneBiz Conductor for the low monthly rate of $29.95.
Users may access Smart Online’s web-native and OneBiz Conductor applications by visiting the SmallBiz Resource Center on BusinessWeek Online’s SmallBiz channel. The Resource Center includes how-to articles and interactive tools that enable users to do everything they need to start and grow their business, from formulating a business plan and raising capital to boosting sales and managing employees.
“We are tapping Smart Online to give innovative businesses the information and tools they need to make smarter decisions about business, finance, their lives and careers,” said Peggy White, vice president and general manager, BusinessWeek Online.
“This deal illustrates the promise of utility computing,” said Michael Nouri, president and chief executive officer of Smart Online. “Without having to reinvent the wheel, BusinessWeek Online is able to put the business critical applications, content and expert advice of Smart Online within easy reach of millions of the sharpest minds in the corporate, government and academic worlds.”