Sony’s Latest Notebook: A Wireless Wonder

Sony’s products are often priced a bit (or a lot) above other vendor’s notebooks and often it’s for a good reason. Sony’s has the “name” brand and it usually adds features to its notebooks that others do not have (video camera for example).
Yesterday, Sony launched, the VAIOÆ T-Series, its latest and distinctively Sony notebook with built in WiFi, bluetooth and wireless connectivity via Cingular’s high-speed cellular network.
A combination of hardware and software automatically links the notebook to the Cingular Wireless nationwide1 EDGE Network.
The latest VAIO notebook is equipped with new Sony’s SmartWi™ technology. It allows you to toggle between various connectivity options by just using the PC’s function keys. The software interface is integrated to ensure that you can use it right out of the box. You can choose WLAN for Wi-Fi connections at home, office or hotspots, BluetoothÆ technology for peripherals, or wireless wide area network (WWAN) for access to Cingular’s nationwide EDGE network when you’re traveling outside the reach of wired networks or hotspots.
VAIO T-Series owners can take advantage of service plans and special promotions from Sony and Cingular. Special trial promotions lets you experience a new wireless freedom:. Customers will receive free** 30 day trial of Cingular’s Wireless WAN Service when they sign up through Sony for a Data Connect plan of $49.99 with a two-year service agreement or the $79.99 Unlimited Data Connect plan with a one-year service agreement. When customers sign up for the $79.99 Unlimited Data Connect plan with a two-year agreement through Sony, customers receive 60 days of free service.
This ultra-mobile notebook is the latest in the Sony VAIO T-Series line that provides powerful computing in a thin, 3.04-pound design compact enough to fit into a small briefcase or purse. The new PC is also equipped to serve as a high-power mobile entertainment center. Packed with high-end Sony multimedia software, the PC provides music and DVD playback with the touch of a button. Advanced battery optimization technology provides enough juice for both work and play, with 3.5 up to nine hours of action (depending on usage)2 on a single charge.
The notebook contains multimedia features and functionalities including a DVD+R double layer DVD+RW drive, Click to DVD™ software for one-click DVD burning, a 10.6-inch wide-format LCD with XBRITE™ display technology, and built-in DolbyÆ technology for headphone surround sound.
Sony’s complete VAIO Entertainment Software Suite includes applications for video editing, digital photo and music management, and VAIO Media™ software — a simple interface for sharing digital content among PCs or compatible consumer electronics devices on a home network.
VAIO T-Series notebooks with a midnight blue chassis will be widely available in June starting at about $2,200. Silver and burgundy color options will be exclusively available online at or at SonyStyleÆ stores in high-end shopping malls around the country.
More information about Cingular data service plans for VAIO computers is available at