Ultraportable Notebooks Mature

If you are looking for a notebook computer that can get lost in your luggage then one of the new ultra-portable notebooks on the market is something you want to consider. These notebooks are often 3lbs or less (try 2lbs) but sometimes do not come with the number of ports or drives you expect to find in other, larger notebooks.
The NY Times reviews several of these marvels and writes Most of the attention in notebook computing has been on full-size models, the hefty laptops with 15- or 17-inch screens that can replace desktop units. But a spate of new ultraportable notebooks have also recently emerged, in the category often called subnotebooks or ultralight laptops.
These much smaller notebooks have screens of 12.1 inches or less and are compact enough to use in cramped places like airplanes. They are also light enough, in the range of two to four pounds, to tote for extended periods without much strain.
The new models include features like built-in optical drives with DVD burners, improved battery life, fingerprint readers and new processors. Wi-Fi wireless networking is a standard feature.