Using Corel’s Word Perfect Office 12. Great Program. Lame Bundle.

I’ve just installed Corel’s World Perfect Office 12 and I’ll be reporting on this throughout the next several days. I’m curious how Corel’s Word Perfect Mail tool will work.
I also got a free 90 day trial of Norton Internet Security. This is NOTHING SPECIAL and Corel should had bundled in a one year subscription. Symantec bundles Norton Internet Security (90 day trial subscription) with so many programs and computers – there’s no great value add in Corel offering this.
Yahoo’s tool bar was added to Internet Explorer as well. Why? I don’t know. There’s nothing in it for Corel and there’s little in Yahoo’s tool bar for SMB’s unless they want music, shopping, games, basketball or dating information!
Paint Shop Pro is in this bundle as well – a good value add
I’m going to have a lot of fun using the great Word Perfect, but Corel really could have put together a better bundle than the lame 90 day Internet security package and Yahoo! tool bar.