Washington Post Reporters Give a Tech Remake To A Washington Couple

There’s so many people that need to use technology but so many people that have NO CLUE how to use it and even more disheartening know what to buy.
For those who do business work at home, as most of us do; need mobile computing; must have efficient technology in the office and finally need technology for entertainment there are so many choices – it gets confusing.
The other thing to consider is compatibility issues.
Washington Post reporters put together a very nice technology solution for a couple.
The Post writes Jeanne Harrison had a simple mantra when she first met a Washington Post tech team assigned to help her and her husband, Randolph, update their digital lifestyle: She didn’t want technology controlling her life, like those “crackberry addicts who spend too much time checking their BlackBerrys and not enough looking people in the eye.”
“I would like to learn more about this stuff, but just to get the latest and greatest — well, that’s not me,” she said in our initial meeting at her Coldwell Banker office on Capitol Hill.