Web Host CEO Launches A Radio Show. Should You?

Go Daddy founder and CEO, Bob Parsons, has launched Radio Go Daddy. Broadcast LIVE every Wednesday night at 7 pm (PST)/ 10 pm (EST) via the Internet and over Sirius and XM Satellite Radio stations (as well as select AM stations).
Small businesses who are looking for ways to boost their business using online tools would be wise to look at what Bob is doing. Bob has his own blog – not many CEOs do, although many are starting too. Now he’s hosting his own radio show.
What about you. For very little cost you could host your own blog AND host a radio show. If you sell sugar – why not make the SugarRadio show and dispense information to customers about how to use your sugar in recipes and whatever else would be of interest to them. You could interview your customers and put the spotlight on THEM.

“People have questioned why we would want to move into radio,” added Parsons. “But when you think about it, moving into radio is a natural progression from the blog (www.bobparsons.com) I started late last year. The whole idea behind the blog was to create a forum to discuss important issues impacting technology and the Internet, open up additional lines of communication between Go Daddy and its customers, and to have some fun. I see Radio Go Daddy as being yet another communication medium for accomplishing these goals.”
Radio Go Daddy features live podcast segments available exclusively to those who listen via the Internet stream at www.radiogodaddy.com. The “Strange Domains” segment features different and unusual domains and websites, each of which is awarded the Radio Go Daddy “Strange Domains” seal; and “Best of the Blog” features reader commentary posted to Bob Parsons’ blog (www.bobparsons.com). All podcast segments are live, uncensored and unedited, and take place during the mandatory commercial breaks that exist during the Sirius and XM Satellite Radio broadcasts of the show.
To date, Radio Go Daddy has tackled numerous topics, including, phishing, Internet predators, cell phone viruses and online privacy rights. Several guests have appeared on Radio Go Daddy, including “hacker turned good-guy” Kevin Mitnick, author of the best selling book, “The Art of Deception” and the recent, “The Art of Intrusion.” Radio Go Daddy has also taken to the road, having broadcast LIVE from Denver during filming of Go Daddy’s newest commercials and tonight, from the international Domain Roundtable conference in Seattle (www.domainroundtable.com).
Detailed descriptions of prior shows can be found at www.radiogodaddy.com, together with free downloads to iPODs, MP3 players and personal computers. Transcripts are also available for download, free of charge.
The show is co-produced by Bob Parsons and long time radio presence David Lawrence of ‘The David Lawrence Show.’ According to Lawrence, “The delivery of this show is an affirmation of the whole ‘Pod Casting’ community. It’s groundbreaking in that there hasn’t been a ‘live broadcast to PodCast’ show, backed by an Internet company of Go Daddy’s caliber, and featuring a prominent industry personality as Bob Parsons.”