WebDialogs Battles With Price

As more businesses begin to use web conferencing systems, web conf. service providers will have to figure out more ways to differentiate themselves. WebDialogs joins others (Gotomeeting, IMConferencing, and others) in having LOW prices to battle WebEx and LiveMeetings
WebDialogs today launched WebDialogs Meeting Central(TM), an integrated web and voice conferencing service for the small- and medium-sized enterprise (SME) market.
WebDialogs Meeting Central consists of three levels of service with a range of features and pricing plans to accommodate a variety of online meeting needs — including sharing presentations, files, applications and web content. All three levels of service are designed from the perspective of the end-user: no download requirements, the ability to start meetings instantly, all the essential web conferencing features, and most important — priced at a fraction of the cost of services like WebEx and LiveMeeting claims WebDialogs.
I’ve tried out IMConferencing and Gotomeeting – they are simple to use and work well.