Why NetSuite is Capturing SMB’s Like Fish In a Bathtub

Many tech vendors say getting into and doing well in the SMB market is tough. But application provider NetSuite seems to have the secret sauce of success. The secret is not in their marketing (which vendors have a combined billions of) but in their sales process – and interestingly they are using their OWN service for success in their own business.
Warrillow Weekly writes One of Zach’s key success factors in NetSuite’s growth is the ability to directly connect the source of a lead to an order. In essence, NetSuite is its own best customer.
Using the capabilities of NetSuite’s software, Zach and his team are able to tag leads to the exact campaign that generated the interest and track it right through to fulfillment of an order. This allows NetSuite to target its marketing dollars to the programs, messages and activities that generate the most customers, in order to maximize the return on investment. Because campaign results are available in real time, adjustments can be made very early in the cycle.