Archive of June 2005

Staples Confirms: Palm’s PDA Problem Is Huge

I just came back from Staples and guess what? There ARE MAJOR problems with Palm’s PDA’s (I know for sure some Tungsten and other models) not being able to charge their batteries. It appears that Palm support is NOT addressing the problem correctly. Palm’s support is asking users to do resets (which might fix the […]

Smartphones: The Treo 650 Shines Some Say

On the train (NY region) it appears that RIM’s Blackberry rule in the “smartphone” space of devices that enable a phone combined with email/web access. If you need to access email primarily I would suggest you go with a Blackberry as the keyboard is MUCH easier to type on. However the NY Times appears to […]

Palm’s PDAs are Junk. What Do You Think?

I’ve only gone Palm for my PDAs – since the Handspring Visor. I’m now using the Palm Tungsten E – this is maybe my 4th or 5th PDA in only a few short years. Once AGAIN, I’m having trouble with the darn thing charging and I think it’s about time I invest in a Pocket […]

Is An Email Message Worth $1 Billion?

A few companies are learning the hard way that their email messages are VERY valuable. In court or other legal action. A large financial company was recently ordered to pay over $1 billion because of email they were not able to bring to court. Other companies have had other experiences with not being able to […]

C3 Expo: A Picture Is Worth More Than 1,000 Words

Yesterday at C3 Expo’s Show Stoppers there was a company displaying rows and rows of spreadsheet data on a large LCD screen. I was getting ready to pass by the vendor but I am glad I stayed around. Tableau Software was showcasing how its software takes spreadsheet/database data and turns it into visually meaningful information. […]